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Do you have little or no experience in first aid and you are looking to learn? Do you want to become a professionally certified first aid admin? Lisa And Rebecca Bls offers professional classes in first aid that can get you the required knowledge and expertise in handling emergency situations. We are located in the local area and we provide numerous classes that you can easily fit into your schedule. You can reach us today through our booking form to get started on the classes or to ask any questions.

Our Classes

We offer different classes for first aid training based on your choice and schedule. We understand that you have other things and as a result, we have tailored our classes in ways that can be easy for you. Our instructors are knowledgeable and have incredible expertise in the field to allow you to get the best of the learning in little time. The classes are structured in simple, easily digestible portions to help you learn at your own pace.

Top Quality Training

Our first aid classes are aimed to empower you with skills and information to help children and adults successfully navigate many of the common emergencies that may occur. We can offer you classes via the internet (online), in a classroom setting or a combination of both. Our trainers are certified professionals who are qualified to conduct the lessons. We will award you a training certificate upon successful completion of the course. Additionally, you can opt-in and receive refresher materials to keep you updated.


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